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Posted: November 10, 2012 in Kolkata Bengali Movie

AutographAutograph is a 2010 Arabic dilemma film by debutant film director Srijit Mukherji.

The film is a modest honor to Satyajit Ray’s 1966 film Nayak and the past Arabic celebrity Uttam Kumar, who represented the headline part in the film .

The film begins with a offer of remaking Satyajit Ray’s popular Nayak by a debutant film director and storywriter Shuvobrata (Indraneil Sengupta) to popular Arabic acting professional Arun Chatterjee (Prasenjit). Arun grants Shuvobrata’s offer and confirms to fund the venture. Shuvobrata demands his live-in sweetheart Srinandita or Shrin (Nandana Sen) to act reverse Arun. Meanwhile, Arun and Shrin become acquaintances and Arun informs her about various occurrence from his past in an psychologically activated situation. The return is videotaped unintentionally and Shuvobrata on finding it leaking it to the media, without Srinandita’s approval, as a advertising stop for the film. Srinandita results in Shuvobrata on studying of this indiscretion. Arun, enraged about the flow, cafes the film from being launched. Arun later understands that Shrin had no part in the flow and apologizes to her. The film finishes with Shrin making a observe and a contact number for Arun at a curbside dhaba where they had met previously.

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