Bangla Movie Teen Kanya

Posted: December 18, 2012 in Kolkata Bengali Movie

teen kanya bangla movieBangla Movie official Agnideb Chattopadhyay, in his Bengali picture Teen Kanya had been limited within state-run Celebrity theater focus on unfriendly to-organization, Saturday stated the particular theater offers cleared their choice. In any case the theater organization shapes declined Chattopadhyay’s state.

Bangla Movie Teen Kanya Story

The promoters united with this bengali picture confirmed they are enlightened through the Celebrity lawmaking body structures that this kolkata bangla movie Teen Kanya is embarking to be ready through security through Saturday nighttime time onwards. Positive joyful in the switch united with situations, creeps Chattopadhyay stated.

The honest to goodness bangla movie official stated he had been enlightened perceiving the choice basically by Hemendra Sawzag, a movie supplier who else administers testing connected with pictures in the Celebrity theater.

Bangla Movie Teen Kanya


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