Posted: December 19, 2012 in Kolkata Bengali Movie

The poster of the Awara BanglaAwara movie does reached the chord with the images that we have woven in our minds for a long time about our Bengali prince charming with a sturdy shape, assertive looks and a good instinct to bounce into fire of hell for their loved, slaying their opponents and carrying their princess away while she watches with her starry eyes and adores your pet.

Jeet symbolizes the hero who within this kolkata bengali movie practically does everything from arguing, to wooing, to blurting out hilarious lines intermittently which will befuddle the viewers and make them laughing because of their utter callousness and irreverence, keeping the heroine in the fray who else definitely seems to be evasive.

The story begins with Suryanarayan called Surya, the jobless incompetent kid hailing from Coochbehar. The way he trivially takes their current status of being unemployed might make the viewers question their own commotion and dissatisfaction regarding the rise of joblessness in a country. Such undying optimism and mirth may make governments in the state of happiness and unaccountable to the common masses.

Surya comes to take up residence with his elder brother and sibling in legislation in the 1st floor of the apartment where apparently Poulomi, played simply by Sayantika, also stays with her elder brother and sibling in legislation. As typical, love ensues and the duo traveling completely to the place in Kolkata where Poulomi shifts to another residence.

Surya starts living near her place with the aid of Madan Mohan. But chances lurks around when the local thug who falls for Poulomi and with their muscles power and political clout tries to coerce her into marrying your pet.

There are just two stuff that are usually worth watching within this yawnathon – Jeet, as he looked very handsome on-screen and acted quite well and the tracks that were filmed very stylishly in Ladakh. Normally, make the general target audience, individuals who started whistling very enthusiastically from your opening credits also starts fidgeting in their passes, looking impatiently for the climax to happen.

The reason behind their response is simple, the director (Ravi Kinagi) may have made “Awara” being a commercial movie giving mindless enjoyment to it’s actual customers, but, sadly, it turns out to be just mindless. Kharaj Mukherjee’s lecherous Madanmohan generates a few a laugh. But that’s not more than enough for the people who eagerly waits for these kinds of movies to release. They are definitely in for the letdown.


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