bengali babu english mamMadhusudan Dutta (Soham) can be a common Bangla Film , in which visits several typical standard residence. Nonetheless their particular targets are generally approach on the common, along with they merely targets of experiencing married for some Canadian girl. This kind of effortless need will be the bit connected with Overseer Ravi Kinnagi’s Bengali Babu English Mem. Madhu is in fact all set to go to be able to United states to generate by themselves a nice-looking frangible husband or wife. Due to the fact they readies these do it yourself to the vision, this individual meets Ria, equally sustain spanning path ways consistently. Just what starts off inside the visa office contributes to enjoy at some point, though the cross over despite the fact that evident takes place by means of several situations. While Soham along with Ria move collectively in regards to the vacation so that you can United states, nevertheless they pick they’re not necessarily planning to meet the other person yet again due to the fact their particular destinies along with aim pertaining to United states will change.

Given that Bangali Babu english Mem kolkata bengali movie motion picture activities in regards to the Canadian soil, these individuals yet again get your ex-lover back. These individuals each and every are inside the identical residence due to the fact tenants and they are forced to modify collectively, although they’d certain if not. Madhu quickly designs on their study, while Ria are certain to get frantic in addition to the girl individual targets. Each and every celebrities Soham along with Mimi are generally fantastic of their distinct capabilities along with entertaining at times. Nonetheless just what set up Bengali Babu English Mem away is in fact clearly the specific tracks plus the dialogues. The specific songs already are hits and they are undoubtedly near the top of their particular leisure well worth. Worthy of the particular appear, the specific tracks is incredibly remarkable to the party.


Ganesh Talkies Kolkata Bangla Movie retains an entirely unique identification for that individuals associated with Kolkata. The actual theater appears full of Burrabazar as well as has see towards the dropped elegance from the ‘Babu culture’ associated with Kolkata. Overseer Anjan Dutt develops the actual dais with regard to their current endeavor Ganesh Talkies close to the thought of relationship as well as rises in order to getting exactly the same in to a completely various degree.

Pashupati Ghosh (Biswajit Chakraborty) as well as Pravin Agarwal (Rajesh Sharma) tend to be years as a child buddies residing in Burrabazar. Pashupati is within lose hope due to their our ancestors company. However, Agarwal’s our ancestors company associated with production crackers is actually flaring.

It’s he or she, the master of the actual Bengali movie theater corridor Ganesh Talkies that is nearly non-operational. Pravin’s NRI sibling Navin, following dropping their work in america, is actually to the town and it is privately creating a offer to market Ganesh Talkies towards the important contractor Sharma. The actual twists start through right here as well as begins unfolding as well as traversing pathways using the additional number of confusions.

About the individual entrance Pashupati chooses in order to wed their child Sarbani (Raima Sen) to some youthful NRI.

Nicky, the actual NRI chap occurs through ALL OF US. Nicky as well as Sarbani, chaperoned through Arjun (Chandan Roy Sanyal) fulfill inside a resort to get at work together readily. It’s this particular conference which type of breaks or cracks free of charge the actual secrets and techniques associated with adore that’s been making in between Sarbani as well as Arjun.

The actual event provides impetus towards the movie as well as models the actual story afloat. The very best associated with buddies Pashupati as well as Pravin right now display their own accurate public colours. Age aged conflict between your Marwari and also the Bengali resurface because of the love.

Together with the actual adore tale from the youthful few there’s a parallel adore tale making between your home service personnel associated with both households, that certainly provides a fascinating distort towards the complicated adore tale.

The actual weathered stars since the dads tend to be amazing as well as perform include textures in order to Ganesh Talkies. As the additional stars tend to be point out deserving. Overseer Anjan Dutt might have employed Chandan Roy Sanyal a little more, because he’s an excellent acting professional within their own correct. Raima however is really a diva as well as will grab the woman’s display room very whilst. The actual adore as well as misunderstandings truly brew nicely via their own biochemistry. However a little more love would not happen to be poor although, since the non-traditional set might have truly already been a pleasant watch out for a little lengthier. Anjan Dutt’s very first industrial endeavor, because he’s announced isn’t poor although as well as steals times through both previous and also the existing associated with Kolkata.

Nonetheless, Ganesh Talkies arrives like a wedding ceremony movie full of the line associated with confusions amongst adore as well as detest. There’s a great deal to consider back again in the split story from the movie, as well as happens to be a great view.

khokababu bangla movieRomantic comedy Bengali Movie Bye Bye Krung Thep was launched in January thirteen, 2012. the particular film is typically Directed by D. Shankar Aiyya and Authored by Shayak Ganguly. This explicit film is really generated by Ashok Dhanuka and Eskay Movies. The Tunes of this film is really directed by Rishi Chanda and Savvy Gupta (“Khoka 420”). The leading renowned actors during this film square measure Dev, Subhashree Ganguly and Ferdous. there’s presumably variety of terribly good and additionally information renowned actors just like Laboni Sarkar, Biswajit Chakraborty and case Chatterjee additionally compete employment during this explicit distinctive film. the particular funds during this film had been five.8 Crores and it additionally earns the rupees of one hundred large integer.

Khokababu bangla movie picture is all concerning Abir Roy as Khokababu (Dev) who’s a wonderful yet as a wise boy. Shankar Das Bhaiji (Ferdous) is well-known don throughout his space, World Health Organization is feared and obeyed by everybody. Khoka ties Bhaiji’s cluster being associate degree controller precisely, wherever he got a crazy older Khanra baboo (Subhashish Mukherjee). Khoka relating to his glorious sense of humor begins to induce every and each luxury that a ideal work has to have and additionally begin to assist scam Bhaiji. this is often the most a part of this moving picture.

It clothed an oversized blockbuster moving picture among the cinemas yet as obtained very high business achievements. This moving picture is that the second most grossing film up to now among Tollywood history.

Teen Yaari Katha bangla movie 1Teen Yaari Katha is a 2012 Bengali terminology comedy movie through the overseer team involving Sudeshna Roy and Abhijit Guha. The particular Bengali musical team Bhoomi consisting the actual film’s music. The particular movie informs the storyplot involving 3 middle course buddies and their private challenges. The particular film’s release had been postponed simply by censors because of its intimate designs. It all premiered at the 2006 Osian Film Festivity and also had been processed through security at the World Film Festivity involving Bangkok and also the Kolkata Film Festivity.

On 16th involving Apr, 2012 several members from the solid and crew involving Tollywood Kolkata Bangla movie Teenager Yaari Katha congregated at the Stainless within Kolkata. Made by Sahara Motion Pictures and Concepts, Teenager Yaari Katha is placed hitting theaters on the fourth involving May, 2012.

In concert directed simply by Abhijit Guha and Sudeshna Roy the actual movie boasts of a delicious solid like well-known faces such as Parambrata Chatterjee, Rudranil Ghosh, Saswata Chatterjee, June Maliah, Biplab Chatterjee, Gita Hun etc . Included attractions incorporate a script simply by Anindya Bose and movie music simply by Bangla music group Bhoomi.

The majority of the members from the solid and staff had been present to the match at the Stainless accommodation. Sudeshna Roy, among the administrators, spoke from length in regards to the movie. Teenager Yaari Katha is a story involving 3 youths Shyamal, Antu and Bilu who are roommates residing in the actual suburbs. The provided curiosity in order to conquer their intimate repressions binds their lifestyles jointly as they enjoy clandestine functions which have outcomes inside the last.

Neel is hilarious as the leading player of the depraved trio, who else would go to any plans in order to spy on the sexual boudi neighbor performed for the hilt simply by June. Initially, he starts simply by dangling from an admirer to appear lower the girl cleavage. He then shifts into 2nd equipment and climbs the woods in order to check out by means of the girl bedroom window; after which takes it to a higher amount of desperation just where he drills a peephole within the wall, precariously hidden with a tea-cup, to ensure that he and his friend could get to view several live life action!

Ultimately, because he or she is in the midst of the mind trip fantasy starring his / her boudi, he or she is woken up to the bad news that the two the girl and the girl husband possess attempted in order to squander suicide as a result of a good failure to cope with their financial situation. Just how he takes this example through the horns shows his / her development and depth being a safe fun-loving guy using a heart involving platinum.

bangla Movie Shatru

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shatru bangla movieWithin the fresh Bengali movie Shatru, actor Jeet has played the character with Dibakar Singh, Law enforcement Inspector, and will be observed in mustache such as Salman Khan did within Dabang Hindi Movie. The particular tricks such as plunging through 50-feets high storage containers, combating upon surroundings and so on happen to be accomplished by simply Jeet without any system twice.

Based in Hridaypur, Officer Dibakar Singha resides an affluent lifestyle together with his parents, grandma, and a cousin. He or she is very well respected in the neighborhood, and everyone increases up to support the pup when a gangster, Arjun Sarkar, delivers a good army with goons in order to intimidate the pup.

Bangla Movie

The particular second item is humbled and humiliated and income home in order to Howrah wherever he / she uses his / her influence by using politicians and senior citizen law enforcement officers in order to exchange Dibakar. As soon as generally there, the particular last mentioned discovers about Arjun’s unlawful actions however is actually avoided through taking any kind of activity by simply his / her administrators. Discouraged, he / she and his close friends, including his / her sweetheart, Pooja, should withstand more embarrassment as a result of the callous Arjun — who plans upon transporting together with his agenda with terrorizing and humiliating Dibakar by using impunity.

She’s the perfect Bengali gal, going after the girl Bacherlor’s diploma within Commerce. She likes to wear fresh dresses and walk the particular ramp and enjoys doing so. Eventually in 2010 the girl gathered the girl confidence and went down towards the ramp with all the main goal of having a great time. She finished up back again the particular Rational One Neglect Kolkata overhead!

Nusrat stock shares with us some great enjoyment stories about the girl Raj-da and Jeet-da throughout the filming. Also do not lose the girl account with just what accustomed to happen to the girl whenever the girl needed to exercise the girl discussion by using Jeet or perhaps looking at Raj within the primary days.

Nusrat has all of the characteristics to become a great actress. Here is hoping the girl a fabulous debut movie and spectacular success within the girl potential future projects from the WBRi group and on behalf with you, the particular audience of this job interview.

Shatru is actually made by Eskay films and features tunes by simply Indradip Dasgupta. The discharge time with Shatru is actually May tenty-seventh, 2011.


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The poster of the Awara BanglaAwara movie does reached the chord with the images that we have woven in our minds for a long time about our Bengali prince charming with a sturdy shape, assertive looks and a good instinct to bounce into fire of hell for their loved, slaying their opponents and carrying their princess away while she watches with her starry eyes and adores your pet.

Jeet symbolizes the hero who within this kolkata bengali movie practically does everything from arguing, to wooing, to blurting out hilarious lines intermittently which will befuddle the viewers and make them laughing because of their utter callousness and irreverence, keeping the heroine in the fray who else definitely seems to be evasive.

The story begins with Suryanarayan called Surya, the jobless incompetent kid hailing from Coochbehar. The way he trivially takes their current status of being unemployed might make the viewers question their own commotion and dissatisfaction regarding the rise of joblessness in a country. Such undying optimism and mirth may make governments in the state of happiness and unaccountable to the common masses.

Surya comes to take up residence with his elder brother and sibling in legislation in the 1st floor of the apartment where apparently Poulomi, played simply by Sayantika, also stays with her elder brother and sibling in legislation. As typical, love ensues and the duo traveling completely to the place in Kolkata where Poulomi shifts to another residence.

Surya starts living near her place with the aid of Madan Mohan. But chances lurks around when the local thug who falls for Poulomi and with their muscles power and political clout tries to coerce her into marrying your pet.

There are just two stuff that are usually worth watching within this yawnathon – Jeet, as he looked very handsome on-screen and acted quite well and the tracks that were filmed very stylishly in Ladakh. Normally, make the general target audience, individuals who started whistling very enthusiastically from your opening credits also starts fidgeting in their passes, looking impatiently for the climax to happen.

The reason behind their response is simple, the director (Ravi Kinagi) may have made “Awara” being a commercial movie giving mindless enjoyment to it’s actual customers, but, sadly, it turns out to be just mindless. Kharaj Mukherjee’s lecherous Madanmohan generates a few a laugh. But that’s not more than enough for the people who eagerly waits for these kinds of movies to release. They are definitely in for the letdown.

jani dekha hobeJani Dekha Hobe bengali movie was discharged in 2011. Music head of this movie is Indradeep Dasgupta. Cast:Payel Sarkar, Parambrata, Anjan Dutta. Every last clue of the tune of this bengali movie is exceptionally exceptional. It is a 100% esteem story.

Jani Dekha Hobe bangla  movie story

Jani Dekha Hobe bangla movie was started at Nov 25, 2011. The specific picture is for the most part Guided by Birsa das gupta and Formed by Ansuman Chakraborty. This specific picture is made by Manager Virendra Singh Marya and Tunes in this picture is truly made by Indradeep Dasgupta and Neel Dutta. The pushing celebrated about far and wide actors in this picture are Anjan Dutt, Parambrata Chatterjee and Payel Sarkar.

Jani Dekha Hobe Indian Bengali Movie Watch Copartnered

There is sensibly differing likely skilled and moreover contemplating obtrusively universal actors close to Arijit Dutt and additionally Shiboproshad Mukherjee moreover played an occupation in this specific picture. The veritable upholds in this picture had been 6 Crores and it besides acquires the rupees of 15 crore.

Bengali movie Paglu 2

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Bengali movie Paglu 2Bengali movie Paglu 2 was started in Eminent 31, 2012. The true picture is typically Regulated by Sujit Mondal and Created by N. K. Salil. This specific picture is produced by Nispal Singh and the Tunes in this picture is genuinely steered by Jeet Ganguly.

The advancing celebrated internationally actors in this picture are Dev and Koel Mullick. There is potentially various particularly skilled and additionally information extremely popular actors comparative to Tota Roy Chowdhury, Rajatava Dutta And Rimjhim Mitra likewise played an occupation in this specific paglu 2 . The exact finances in this picture had been 12 Crores and it in addition procures the rupees of 65 crore. It is sequel so as to Paglu sequence in spite of the fact that story quick not by any stretch of the imagination a sequel associated with Paglu. A critical part of this specific picture had been shotted inside Dubai.

Bengali movie Paglu 2

Bangla Movie Teen Kanya

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teen kanya bangla movieBangla Movie official Agnideb Chattopadhyay, in his Bengali picture Teen Kanya had been limited within state-run Celebrity theater focus on unfriendly to-organization, Saturday stated the particular theater offers cleared their choice. In any case the theater organization shapes declined Chattopadhyay’s state.

Bangla Movie Teen Kanya Story

The promoters united with this bengali picture confirmed they are enlightened through the Celebrity lawmaking body structures that this kolkata bangla movie Teen Kanya is embarking to be ready through security through Saturday nighttime time onwards. Positive joyful in the switch united with situations, creeps Chattopadhyay stated.

The honest to goodness bangla movie official stated he had been enlightened perceiving the choice basically by Hemendra Sawzag, a movie supplier who else administers testing connected with pictures in the Celebrity theater.

Bangla Movie Teen Kanya

Premer KahiniPremer Kahini is an extremely super romantic Indian native bangla video, that is instructed through renowned movie director Ravi kinagi. Within this motion picture addititionally there is served through dev, Koyel Mullick, Jishu Sengupta as well as Ranjit Mullick. Audio is actually aimed through Jeet Ganguly. Following the achieving success from the very first film Agnisapath and also the 2nd film I really like A person, this is actually the 3rd film associated with French leading man dev. Film production company comes with an excitant tale.

Akash (dev) as well as barsha (Koyel Mullick) fulfill through a good crash in Metropolish Popularity shopping mall as well as akash became adoringly obsessed along with Barsha at the same time however akash could hardly discover the tackle associated with barsha whatsoever. A few time akash had been asked to some big event, that was their mom’s buddies children wedding ceremony. If he arrived at the actual marriage ceremony, having been completely thrilled since the new bride had been Barsha their self.

Such as this, the storyplot of the film is actually progressively relocated. More simply, this particular film is among the greatest charming move around in Tallywood record.

Premer Kahini – Watch Bangla Movie


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